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I was born to a Japanese-American mother and an East Indian father, and divided my childhood between Africa and North America. I have been traveling in the world since I was a wee one, shuttling between my parents and these continents. I am the descendant of generations of immigrants. My people have always traveled. It is in my blood and in my soul to do so.

I was raised in this trade by my adventurous and savvy mother who for decades traveled to source the most beautiful items for her brick and mortar shop. The time came for me to launch into the trade, and she taught me all that she knew. Since then, I have found my own wings and my own vision.

The culmination of my cultural heritage, my sojourns in the world, and my curiosity result in a beautiful fusion of ethnic and modern styles. It is with great privilege and respect that I have explored many great lands, sought out the brilliance of their craftsmanship and brought it here to share with you.

May your journey through these collections be as enjoyable for you as bringing them here has been for me.